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Consult, with all the convenience, all MRolo Manequins products through our online catalog. A wide range of MRolo Premium and Window Mannequins products and collections are at your disposal and ready to give life to your ideas, as well as presentations and storefronts of your store. Explore all our categories of mannequins, torsos, dress forms and hangers, among many other available and potentiate the major trends for the upcoming seasons in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • P: How does the catalogue of MRolo Manequins website works?
  • R: Through our catalogue, customers can browse through all our categories available, see the details of our products and can add them to their own unique collection.
  • P: Are all MRolo Manequins products available in the online catalogue?
  • R: Yes, all our products (Mannequins, Dress Forms, Torsos, Hangers, etc.) are present in this online catalogue. However, if you need any nonexistent special position, model or particular color, you can contact us.
  • P: How should I use the "My Collection" feature?
  • R: Customers have the freedom to create their own collection by adding the products they are interested in. After finishing this step, they can send to MRolo the contents of their collection and choose to be contacted by telephone or email to discuss amounts, payment terms and complete the process.
  • P: Products do not have a price specified. Also, how to know which methods of payment are available?
  • R: The MRolo website is not an exhaustive ecommerce platform, but a better channel to expose all the products available to our customers, so they can find their ideal products and contact MRolo Manequins in order to discuss methods and payment terms.
  • P: Is there any possibility to rent a product or to repair one?
  • R: Yes, MRolo Manequins provides both of these services, please contact us through the contact area "Contact Us".