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Mannequin - From planning to sale

2019-01-15 - 15:21:31

Anyone who observes the final result of a shop window, is far from imagining all the creative and development work involved in the pieces displayed on the mannequins.

Typically, for each creation are months of research, hundreds of sketches, fitting proofs and quality tests. Complementarily, reaching the best possible result requires the involvement of some professionals and the mandatory existence of some stages. Stylists, modellers and dressmakers are just a few of the professions involved in the outcome that the customer sees in the store.

It all starts with the work of a stylist who passes on his sketches to the modelers to develop the pilot pieces. Each professional combines his technique and creativity, adjusted to each piece so as to give life to it, around the support of a suitable sewing mannequin or bust. Ultimately, the necessary adjustments are made, and between us, these are the ones that make the difference in the development of the piece later, once it reaches the production line. Some tips:

  1. Using a sewing mannequin will produce better quality work.
  2. Mannequins are durable and capable of withstanding the constant stress observed in sewing applications, so they represent a smart investment in the long run.
  3. Measuring a garment is easier when it is dressed on a mannequin, rather than on a table.
  4. Even if your piece is still unfinished, you can attach it to a mannequin to maintain its shape and shape.
  5. In the end, a sewing mannequin will allow you to see exactly how a particular piece falls into the shape of a body.
A good creative process ensures that the pieces developed, by a brand or by itself, are consistent with your identity and can relate to your target audience, ensuring sales. This is the real importance of good planning and execution.

Still, the use of mannequins and busts is not only part of the creative process, but it is also part of a very important assembly and presentation process in the store. Therefore it is necessary to take into account that the use of mannequins represents the best way to present a part to a customer.

All this happens until the final moment when each piece is considered ready for sale and is displayed on a storefront manikin.

As these new concepts echo in your mind, put into practice the ideas we leave here the next time you're thinking of creating a new part, designing a new product, planning a production line, or even preparing a new one. new store experience for its customers. Get inspired by our mannequins and busts!

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