MRolo Manequins | About Us

MRolo Manequins is a leading distributor of mannequins for the fashion industry in Portugal and Spain. MRolo is the official distributor of Window Mannequins for over 20 years, focusing all energy on providing the best service and products to the final customer.

Window Mannequins is a key leader in the design, development and manufacturing of mannequins around the world, offering innovative and bold solutions for the fashion industry. This made Window Mannequins a key partner to some of the most successful international groups in the fashion world.

MRolo Manequins stands out for its high quality mannequins and the constant search for differentiation of their customers and their success. We believe that each retail concept needs a tailored solution. MRolo and Window Mannequins partnership promises to bring you the best results and the best accompaniment.

We are committed to the development of future partnerships and the delivery of key products that always resemble our three pillars "Design, Quality and Service".