Terms and Contitions

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

“MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” undertakes to respect the privacy of its customers, with regard to information voluntarily ceded by them to the group. The constant collection of personal information through the internet portal www.mrolo.com and its stores, allows a wide range of products and services capable of meeting the needs of our customers. Our privacy policy describes the type of information requested online and in our stores and how it is used. We invite you to read this information carefully. Our service will always be available Monday through Friday from 9: 30h to 18h30.

Use of Information Collected by “MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial”

“MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” may collect two types of information from users: Personal information - such as your own name, company name, identification number, telephone number, email address, etc. depending on the purpose. Additional information - such as information on the number of log in made ​​in the group or requests for information regarding orders. The customer information will be used in order to communicate which products and promotions we have to offer you with the best service. Using the information can help MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial increasingly adjust the website and products, according to the users interests. Additional information is information that is not identifying the person such as age, gender, types of products purchased or frequency of visits to the website. Whenever you access our Website, we may collect automatically (ie, not by registration) non-personal data (eg. Kind of Internet browser and operating system used, domain name of the website from where came, number of visits, average time spent on the site, pages viewed). It's information to be used in a collective manner, and no person can be identified by the information collected.

Sending Emails

You agree that MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial is authorized to send emails to provide you with information about campaigns, promotions, events, etc. related to the brand, whose authorization was assigned during your sign up via your email.

Sharing Information with Third Parties

“MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” does not yield under any circumstance, information relating to personal information to third parties. “MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” does not cooperate or share databases between various entities. Additional and personal information collected in MRolo stores, events or trade fairs, may be used by the portal www.mrolo.com in order to contact customers for marketing and promotional presentation of proposals. In addition, personal information may be disclosed if the MRolo or another service to its disclosure reasonably believes is necessary due to an illegal act or any act that might endanger the health and safety of another customer or the general public.


In order to provide our users with greater speed and customization of service, MRolo may use a feature of "browsers" called a "cookie". A "cookie" is a small text file, automatically saved by the user's computer, and that can be identified whenever he goes back to consult, in this case, the MRolo website. Any user can, however, configure his "browser" in order to prevent the installation of "cookies" on the computer. However, this option can slower your navigation in this and other Internet websites.

Information Removal

If you do not wish to receive email marketing actions from “MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” please contact us through our website www.mrolo.com or MRolo Manequins - Patio Seabra, No. 12/14, 1300-021 Lisbon or by contacting +351 213623579 or via email [email protected]

Links to Other Websites

The website www.mrolo.com may contain links to other websites. These sites may or may not have one full privacy policy. However, the group MRolo assumes no responsibility for any of these websites, since the presentation of these links serve only for the sake of convenience or possible interest to our visitors. These links may be information or other organizations that have authorization to use the logo MRolo as a result of a particular agreement. These sites may send cookies to you to collect information. We encourage you to verify the privacy policy and terms of usage before providing your personal information to them. MRolo does not liable for any act that is practiced by these organizations due to the avail of your personal information to them. Correction and Updating Information of Personal Character Each user of the interactive services provided herein are responsible and owner of the data transmited to MRolo and can control the amount of information provided. Should you need to change any personal information and/or conditions of their release - you can always do it. Just contact us through our website www.mrolo.com or MRolo Manequins - Patio Seabra, No. 12/14, 1300-021 Lisbon or by contacting +351 213623579 or via email [email protected]

Security Information

No data transmission over the Internet is completely secure. There may be third parties, which "MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial" does not control, that may intercept or access transmissions. Although we attempt to ensure the security of your data we can not give you assurance that the data sent by you is not being intercepted by a third party. The transmission of data is your responsibility. Privacy Policy for Children - "MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” is concerned with the privacy of children and recognizes that the use of the Internet and e-mail by children raises special concerns regarding privacy and security of information. It is the intention of "MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” to adhere to the laws and regulations to protect privacy and their rules for collecting personal information from minors. The "MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” reminds and encourages all parents to check and monitor the online activities of their children. Help "MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial" to protect the privacy of your children ensuring that they will never send e-mails or submit personal information on this site or any other without your permission. The "MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” does not share the personal information of any child with third parties. Updates of the Privacy Policy - Any changes made in the "MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial” privacy policy will be discriminated on this page.


The provisions material on this Website including text and images is property of MRolo Manequins e Equipamento Comercial or third parties; its use is made with the permission of their authors. Unauthorized use is a crime punishable by law. If you have questions or any questions about how we manage the information, please send us an e-mail [email protected] This address is also reserved for any facts that might be, in one way or another, violating any of the explicit rules in this policy, as well as compromising the security of the Website and its normal functioning.